What’s Up

January 15, 2015

January 2016 sees newwavepictures busy on several fronts. We have a new series of live concerts premiering on Japanese TV this month with shows from Paul Weller, Deep Purple, Roxy Music and Boy George (now there’s an eclectic mix) all getting their first airings.

Meanwhile London Live is showing two history related series: the new Inside the Tower, a four part look back at how the Tower was built, why and what are its’ stand out stories. Then there is the six part Story of London headed up by the Story of London Underground.

Then very excitingly we have started work on an innovative 8 film series of art interpretations of the music of Gillian Hills- the original Beat Girl who has an astonishingly good new album later this year.

Then there is Huey Morgan’s new series and two series in development for Raydar.

Finally there is a lot of festival work going on….stay tuned for more info.